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Gretel's Handcrafted Soap


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Lye processed soap made with olive oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, essential oils, and beeswax. All bars 3.5 oz. See descriptions of scents below:

Rosemary Mint: a clean, refreshing scent with dried mint leaves. My personal favorite.

Sweet Earth: lavender, patchouli, and vanilla. My most popular bar.

Calendula Flower: no scent, made with calendula oil & calendula petals. Not tearless, but is safe for use on anyone with sensitive skin or allergies to fragrance.

Black Sea: rosemary, patchouli, shea butter and Hawaiian black sea salt. Works well for exfoliating flaky, dry skin. A great unisex scent.

Gardener's Soap: lemon, sandalwood, and rosemary with poppy seeds for scrubbing your hands after you've been out in the dirt.

Scrub A Dub: tangerine and clove with pumice. Good for a foot scrub or any other rough place.

Woodland Bliss: tea tree, cedarwood, lemon, and rosemary with dried lavender buds in it.

Lavender Mint: lavender and peppermint with dried lavender buds and mint leaves.

Dirty Dog Wash: lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, and wheat germ oil. Rub bar directly onto wet dog, and then lather with your hands. Rinses out nicely and no messy bottles to deal with! The wheat germ oil in it helps keep their coat shiny and won't dry out their skin.

***If you are purchasing the bulk soap deal, please specify at checkout which 5 bars you would like included in your package.***